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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Flora and fauna

klimaVegetation and animal world are very various. Every lover of nature remains impressed by the beauty of this gorgeous hercegovinian oasis. Natural vegetation of the area is caused by altitude, climate and land structure as well as by the other factors.
There are these plants: absinth, heather, wild rose. In spring you can see yellow landscape, then they become blue because of sage, then white because of heather and in the end they turn into yellow-brown because of brambles. In that way grey calcareous hills change their color.
Because of the existence of the huge number of different wild game the territory of the Trebinje City is suitable for the development of the hunting tourism. On this mostly stone territory various small game exist as well as different kinds of animals (rabbit, fox, wild pig), and grouse.
All this is proved by vast areas covered by lush pasture, various healthy flora, numerous ponds, woods, rivers and springs which is the proof of healthy environment.