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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Trebisnjica River and Picnic

The Trebisnjica River, one of the longest underground rives in Europe, flows through Trebinje. It is 98 km long and with underground streams 187 km in length. The Trebisnjica flows through Gatacko, Cernicko and Fatnicko Polje, where it sinks into the earth only to reappear south of Bileca under the name Trebisnjica. It also appears as spring of Dubrovnik’s river Ombla, and the most part of Trebisnjica flows underground in the Neretva River.

Resort Lastva is 12 km remote from the town. It is placed on the shore of Lastva’s lake and it is very attractive to anglers, as well as to those who like spending time in nature. There are beautiful natural and manmade swimming pools there. Lastva is first mentioned in history in the 11th century. It is recognizable tourist destination and resort, with sport- recreation programs.

Another well-known Trebinje’s resort is Jazina, popular with visitors all year round, especially in summer when it offers possibilities of swimming, sunbathing and relaxation in nature.

Spring Studenac on The Trebisnjica River is the most beautiful location nearby the town, which is from times immemorial used by the citizens of Trebinje for picnics, schools in nature, etc. At this place there is even today one of the old treadmills, which gives this resort special charm.

ublaZubačka Ubla Ubla (Zubci) are 25 km distant from the town. At this place, the manifestation dedicated to preservation of folk tradition and customs, with rich cultural-artistic program, is traditionally held. Ubla (Zubci) also give opportunity for doing winter sports.