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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Paul's cave

pavlova pećina One of the pre-historical locations, situated 2 km from St Paul and Peter’s monastery, is Paul’s cave. It is rich with cave’s jewelry. It is dominated by the massive shapes of cave’s posts, that are built of large crystals of calcite. There are many folk legends about the cave and that gives it a special significance. According to the ancient tradition, St apostle Paul used to come to this cave, and that is how the cave got the name. He baptized the population in it, hiding from the Roman government. Following the tradition, huge number of believers, together with priest who peforms the service, gather in the cave every year on Peter’s day. The cave has stone altar part and icon of St apostle Paul. The cave itself consists of several halls richly decorated by stalactites and stalagmites. Inside it there is a small lake too, which is connected to the belief that the girls who wash their faces with the water from it on Peter's Day will be beautiful and attractive. It is also believed that the water is healing.