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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Fishing and hunting

The Trebisnjica River offers marvelous opportunities for sport angling. There are confluences of The Trebisnjica River as well as of lakes. The Trebisnjica River and Trebinje’s lakes are rich with all kinds of fish, among which the most outstanding are: trout, carp, bream scraper, etc. Trebinje’s waters - river and lakes – are big attraction for anglers because of their exceptional fish treasure. Not just those waters are abounding in fish but Trebinje’s woods are also abounding in big and small game. The lowlands are favorable for development of hunting tourism of small and feathered game hunting. All information concerning hunting and fishing including permits, you can get in local hunting and fishing clubs that will issue asked permits and provide you with tourist guides.

Fishing club Tel.: +387 59 223 947 Hunting club Tel.: +387 59/260-198; +387 65/536-810; +387 65/838-300