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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Activities of the Tourist organization of Trebinje in 2012.:

In 2012 “Tourist Organization of Trebinje” fulfilled number of activities which were carried out independently or in cooperation with the local community and interested partners, and which were of great importance for the development of tourism on the territory of our municipality. These activities were realized in accordance with finance with which Tourist Organization disposed. Those activities are:

  • January - Update web page;
  • February – Successful performance of the Tourist organization of Trebinje on the 34th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade . With the promotional material Tourist organization of Trebinje actively participate with their products or promotional material took winery: Tvrdos, Petijevic and Vukoje;  hotels: "Leotar, "Platani", "Viv", “In” and motel "Konak" Mosko; restaurants: “Bendis”, “BG” and tourist agency "Friend travel";
  • February - We printed new Serbian - English version of the catalog of Trebinje, printed in 5000 copies;
  • March – Actively participated in the event "First International Symposium of the XVII Scientific Symposium on Agriculture of the Republic of Srpska" organized by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Banja Luka in cooperation with the Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Ljubljana.;
  • March – Participation in the 15th International fair of Economy – Mostar 2012 - where we successfully presented to the tourist potentials of our Town.
  • March, April – Participated in cross-border co-operation between Bosnia and Montenegro under the name "The development of tourist itineraries in the border area between Bosnia and Montenegro", which are held workshops in Sarajevo;
  • April – Active participation in the 21th International fair of tourism – METUBES - Budva 2012;
  • April - Actively participated in seminars and educational workshops organized by the Japanese development agency JICA;
  • May – Participated in the "5th International Tourism Fair - CROTOUR" which was held in Zagreb, where he presented tourism offer Trebinje;
  • May - In preparation for the event "Promoting Trebinje in Belgrade" conceived, designed, prepared and printed a new promotional material;
  • May - The project "Ducic’s arc" created and set up info boards at two locations - the Gracanica Podglivlje;
  • June – Together with the Town of Trebinje and AD participated in the "nicer Trebinje - Srpska for a better" where the Tourist Organization of Trebinje awarded the "Special Prize";
  • June – Under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Srpska, with the support of Representatives of the Republic of Srpska in the Serbia Tourist Organization of Trebinje realized the project "Improvement of tourism through the promotion of Trebinje" organizing two-day event entitled "Promotion of Trebinje in Belgrade", which was held on 15 and 16 June with an extremely large number of visitors, both local and foreign tourists. In Vila of Republic of Srpska, 15 June 2012. was organized the gathering with friends of Trebinje in Belgrade with specialties Herzegovina cuisine and famous wines of Trebinje. On the second day of the event, on Saturday, 16 June, the Knez Mihajlova street was set up which does not promote the tourism potentials of Trebinje through promotional material and informant, and the accompanying program has performed GKUD "Alat SWISSLION" with songs and dances from Trebinje, Herzegovina, and Serbia. Both days of the event are accompanied by a large number of people, and we will single out only some of the names: Slobodan Vujovic, John Tasovac, Bozidar Glogovac, Gojko Djogo, Radomir Sika Begenišić Radojica Kuzmanovic, Free Acimovic and many others, both born in Trebinje, and Belgrade.
  • June, July - In cooperation with the Youth Alliance and TORS successfully organized a conference "Youth mobility and youth tourism in Republic of Srpska.
  • July - We successfully organized, third consecutive, cultural manifestation “Concert of brass music Stolac”, which is included in the calendar of the cultural manifestations of town and which is the traditionally held within "Trebinje Summer Festival ";
  • July – Actively participated in the event "Youth Conference on Tourism - Perspectives of youth tourism in NP Sutjeska", organized by the Youth Association of Republic of Srpska, TORS and Sutjeska National Park;
  • August - Successfully organized the presentation of the book "Hamlet of Tribunija" by Ranko Sljepcevic;
  • August - Active participation in traditional manifestation “Jumping from the Stone Bridge“;
  • August - Successfully organized a literary - musical evening in which we promoted his novel "You are everything to me," by Vesna Dedic Milojevic-well-known TV presenter and face of the "Balkan Street," which is broadcast on Radio Television Serbia;
  • August - Actively participated in the event, "16 Meetings of young Republic of Srpska" which gathered around 150 participants from the Republic of Srpska aged 13-30 years, which was organized by the Youth Council and the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Srpska.
  • August - With the project "Interactive window with promotional material as a means of further promoting tourism Trebinje" applied for the allocation of financial resources to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism;
  • August - We printed new Serbian - Russian version of Trebinje catalog, printed in 2000 copies;
  • September – Tourist Organization of Trebinje Trebinje successfully organized a visit of Mr. Rami Dovrat, a journalist GO TRAVEL, a high ranking web site.
  • September - Successfully organized a private visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman's to Trebinje;
  • October - Successful presentation at the 45th International Tourism Fair "LORIST" in Novi Sad, where we won "Grand Prix" GOOD DESIGN "for the overall appearance and presentation of Trebinje";
  • October - Successfully organize a visit to the group of journalists from the EU;
  • November - Took part in a tourism fair in Banja Luka titled "LORIMES" where we presented tourism offered of Trebinje;
  • November - Very successful performance of Tourist Organization of Trebinje on "IV The International Fair of Tourism and Rural Tourism" held in Kragujevac;
  • December - Participated in the event "Catering and Tourism - in the winter season 2012/2013", which was held at the Bistrica Jahorina, where they officially opened this winter season.
  • December – Tourist Organization of Trebinje, in cooperation with the Representative Office of the Republic of Srpska in Vienna and Tourism Organization of Republic of Srpska organized a two-day visit to the wine cellars of Trebinje, in which the guest was Mr. Darrel Joseph, one of the best known international journalists in the fields of viticulture, wine specialist for Central, Eastern and South East Europe;
  • December - At the "Eighth exhibition - Travel Publications Krusevac Serbia 2012", the Tourist Organization of Trebinje received a "Special Mention for regional cooperation in tourism";
  • December - Statistical process data related to the number of visits and overnight stays in the Trebinje in 2012. year. These data will be presented by the media (radio and newspapers) in early 2013. year.

- Throughout the year, the tourists in the Tourist information center are offered the opportunity to meet the tourist survey based on the results to determine the good stuff, and a failure to be remedied in the future to every tourist who visits Trebinje was completely pleased frequently visited the destination.

- Perform a study of tourism development Trebinje is aimed at exploring the potential of humanism, preferences and creative capacity of the local community in the area of tourism development.