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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Activities of the Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality in 2011.:

In 2010 “Tourist Organization of Municipality Trebinje” fulfilled number of activities which were carried out independently or in cooperation with the local community and interested partners, and which were of great importance for the development of tourism on the territory of our municipality. These activities were realized in accordance with finance with which Tourist Organization disposed. Those activities are:

  • January - Update web page;
  • February – Successful performance of the Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality on the 33th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade . With the promotional material Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality actively participate with their products or promotional material took winery: Andjelic, Tarana, Tvrdos i Vukoje; tourist agency "Friend travel", hotels: "Leotar, "Platani", "Viv" and motel "Konak" Mosko;
  • March – Active participation in the 20th International fair of tourism – METUBES - Budva 2011 where high level of interest of visitors for our Municipality was noticed;
  • April – Participation in the 14th International fair of Economy – Mostar 2011 - where we successfully presented to the tourist potentials of our municipality.
  • April – In organization International Centre for development and promotion of tourism and catering – SACEN International in Belgrade`s hotel “Continental” participated in the event “Golden Tourist Heart 2010” where we won considerable recognition “Golden cup of hospitality 2010”. in the event represented a rich gastronomic products: company “TDS Tarana“, wineries: „TDS Tarana“, „Tvrdos“, „Vukoje“, „Andjelic“, and „Sekulovic“, and kompany „Herzeg honey“.
  • April – Conceived, designed and printed tourist maps of town (Serbian and English versions)
  • May – Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality host TV crew of the emission “knowledge - property” (Radio – Television of Serbia – Journalist Jasmina Nikitovic) and successfully implemented all planned activities for program.In this activity successfully organized visits to individual farmers who have presented their products and presented tourist potential of the Trebinje; June – Together with Municipality of the Trebinje and Communal Society Trebinje we took part in the action “More beautiful Srpska – more beautiful Trebinje“;
  • June – Applied for a three projects cross-border cooperation with the Municipalitys Niksic, Herceg Novi and Kolasin. In the project with Tourist organization Kolasin Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality is the Lead partner. In the projects with the Municipalitys of Niksic partner with Munucipality of Trebinje and the municipality Herceg Novi Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality is a partner with Institute for Employment Republic of Srpska;
  • July – We successfully organized, second consecutive, cultural manifestation “Concert of brass music Stolac”, which is included in the calendar of the cultural manifestations of municipality and which is the traditionally held within "Trebinje Summer Festival "; July – Active participation in traditional manifestation “Jumping from the Stone Bridge“;
  • August – With the project "Improvement of tourist offer through promotions" we applied for the awarding of funds at the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republic of Srpska;
  • August – Actively participated in the recording of the popular TV show of the Radio – Television Serbia called „Zika`s iris“ where we presented the tourist offer of the Municipality;
  • August – In the garden of the hotel „Platani“ successfully organized a promotion of the book, by Vesna Dedic Milojevic called „Sun to me, the sun you“ with a rich accompanying program;
  • September - Tour operators from Poland visited Trebinje in the organization Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality; September – Successfully organized a visit to Trebinje, tour operators and journalists from Serbia;
  • October – Remarkable performance on the 44th International Tourism Fair u Novi Sad where we won the "Golden Plaque for promoting the improvement of tourism in Trebinje for Tourist Information Centre”;
  • October – Tour operators from Chech Republic visited Trebinje organized by the Municipality of Trebinje and Tourist organization of municipality Trebinje;
  • Oktobar – Collected and submitted data for EU-Tourism BiH Technical Assistance to Support Tourism Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, that will be used to create a database of tourist services and resources in BiH for the European market.
  • October, Novebmer - Participated in the project of cross-border cooperation between the BiH and Montenegro entitled "Development of cross-border tourist itineraries in the area between BiH and Montenegro." in which workshops were held in Sarajevo;
  • November - Visited the Republic of Croatia, in Istria, in the CREDO Herzegovina, funded by the Swedish Agency for International Cooperation and Development - Sida. The aim of the visit was to familiarize with the situation of tourism in Istria, the mode of their organization, linking all participants in the territory, the possibilities of cooperation, experience and capabilities related to EU integration and funds, as well as possible forms of cooperation and linking of Istria, as a distinctive tourist destination and Herzegovina who wants to become.
  • November – Take part in tourism fair in Banja Luka called "LORIMES" where we presented the tourist offer of the municipality;
  • November – Highly successful performance at the “III International fair of tourism and rural tourism "in Kragujevac, where is signed a "Protocol of Cooperation" between a Tourist organization the Trebinje municipality and the Town tourism organization of Kragujevac;
  • December – Conceived, designed and prepared a new Catalog of Trebinje, which should come out of the press in beginning of 2012.
  • December - Statistically processed data on the number of visits and overnights in the Trebinje municipality for 2011. year, and the results of surveys that the tourists have the opportunity to fill during 2011. in Tourist - Information Centre. These data are presented with The media (electronic and print media).