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Tourist organization of Trebinje
Tourist organization of City Trebinje

Tourist organization of City Trebinje is established by decision of City council Trebinje on 22 July of 2005, in order to valorize, preserve and protect tourist values on the territory of City Trebinje. The tourist organization of City Trebinje is in charge of organization and promotion of tourist offer of Trebinje. This organization bases its tourist offer on rich cultural-historical heritage, natural resources, accommodation, sport objects, hunting-fishing resources, as well as Herzegovina’s brands.

Activities of tourist organization of City Trebinje are:
- Construction of program for development of tourism and appropriate plan documents following regulation of planning and arrangement of space of the municipality;
- Improvement of general conditions of acceptance and stay of tourists in the municipality;
- Directing and coordination of activities of tenderers of tourist offer to enrich and raise the level of quality of tourist and complementary contents and make an attractive tourist environment on the territory of the municipality;
- Organizing of tourist information-and-propaganda activity, cultural, sport and other manifestations, which aim, is to improve tourism of the municipality;
- Improvement and promotion of the native values (tradition, customs, ethnological treasure, etc.) of tourist region to whom the municipality belongs, as well as creation of conditions for their use;
- Cooperation and coordination with corporations and physical persons that are directly or indirectly involved in tourist traffic, because of common arranging, establishing and carrying out politics of development of tourism and its promotion under universal politics of  development of the municipality;
- Promotion, coordination and organizing of cultural, artistic, sport and other performances that contribute to enrichment of tourist offer of the municipality; 
- Organizing of congresses and other forms of business tourism;
- Promotion of protection, preservance and renewing of cultural-historical monuments and other material goods of the interest for tourism and their including in the tourist offer;
- Promotion and organizing of actions in order to preserve tourist space, improve tourist environment and protect living environment on the territory of the municipality;
- Promotion and helping of development of tourism in the places on the territory of the municipality that not have developed tourism and that have some insufficiently established  tourist potentials;
- Construction of programs and plans of promotion following conception and guidelines of promotion of tourism of Republic of Srpska;
- Organization, carrying out and supervision of all the actions of promotion of tourist product of the municipality, following yearly program of work and financial plan of the tourist organization;
- Leading of unique list of tourists for the territory of the municipality in order to control charging of sojourn tax and professional data processing;
- Weekly and monthly gathering and processing data about tourist traffic on the territory of the municipality, as well as gathering and data processing of all other indicators that are relevant for following the execution of the set goals and tasks;
- Making reports on achieving the goals, analysis and evaluation of realization of the program of work and financial plan of the tourist organization;
- Establishing of the tourist-informative centers for information-and-propaganda activity of the municipality, in order to inform visitors about tourist, cultural and other values of the municipality;
- Commercial jobs as part of the basic activity of tourist-informative centers, for example, selling of souvenirs, picture postcards, tourist brochures and publications, tickets for concerts, theatre and cinema shows, subagent’s business and other commercial jobs, as part of the information-and-propaganda activity in the field of tourism;
- Intercession in offer of services of tourist guides;
- Intercession in offer of services of accommodation (first of all in private accommodation);
- Doing other jobs and actions of interest for promotion and development of tourism on the territory of the municipality, following the law, statute and demand of the founder.